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Feature Interview – Managing Director of Schenck Process South America


We had the opportunity to speak with Mauricio Jiménez, Managing Director of Schenck Process South America regarding their operations in the Regions, new trends in global technology, and opportunities for foreign suppliers.

Ax Legal: Can you tell us what is the current work you do today in Chile and the region?

Mauricio Jiménez: I am responsible for the entire operations of Schenck Process both in Chile and in the South American region, where we are present with the company today. We are leaders in the supply of world-class, sustainable products, integrated solutions, and services in process technologies for a variety of industries.

Ax Legal: What are some of the most recent technical innovations that have been introduced in recent years in process technologies?

Mauricio Jiménez: We in focused particularly on machinery with the two main pillars being the mineral and food industries. We supply process equipment for all bulk material, with parameters such as dosing, weighing and transport. In terms of technology, our systems are connected to technology 4.0. This means the client today has a real-time visualization of his equipment through our latest technology sensors. We deliver preventive alerts to avoid unexpected stops based on behaviors that are out of the ordinary or operating parameters.

In the mining industry and everything that needs a human operator, we are focused heavily on automation, as well as providing immediate direct remote support.

Ax Legal: What are some of the technological advances and changes in the industry that you personally find most interesting?

Mauricio Jiménez: One of the main advances today is remote support. As an example, we are working with a safety helmet with integrated virtual reality, which allows a technician or operator to remotely provide 3D visualization of the situation so that it can be evaluated. This allows us to give instructions to the user in the field from anywhere in the world. Before the expert had to travel. Today we have instant results, which allows for considerable costs and time savings for the client.

In addition, the market today allows clients to have customized engineering for their machinery. The equipment is configured to operate immediately within the parameters that the company’s needs. What is trending now is that the process equipment is connected and remotely monitored from anywhere in the world. This result is that there is instant maintenance, we can facilitate a system reset if required, calibration of the equipment, and sensors with alarms that detect anomalies that avoid failures of all types.

Ax Legal: Do you think it is necessary for foreign entrepreneurs to have a local presence?

Mauricio Jiménez: Before it was a very expensive effort for small suppliers to move to the area where the client was in order to have a meeting or to provide support. Now, connectivity allows suppliers immediate communication. On the other hand, it is a challenge to communicate with an important client many kilometers away and to persuade that potential client without having the closeness of physically being with them.

The local presence will always be key in terms of creating lasting relationships and adding value, since virtually you can only address general issues. For example, when making a physical visit to the client’s plant, it is there where important opportunities are detected, relationships are generated, and also opportunities for solving problems. For this reason, having a local presence is important and difficult to do from a distance.

Competition between suppliers is extremely high, as many companies today prefer their known suppliers, rather than starting from scratch with a new one which is always a risk. For this reason, a good relationship is essential, allowing the customer to test the product or service in terms of its use before purchasing it. Above all, providing an excellent service should not be an added value, it should just be part of the service, which often can only be done properly with a local presence.

Ax Legal: Is there any advice you can give to foreign companies that want to introduce new technologies in the domestic industry?

Mauricio Jiménez: It is of utmost importance that providers, when introducing a new technology, product, or service to their clients, have case studies and references from other companies who have already used it. Large clients want to reduce risk and knowing that the solution has already been tested is an important part of that.

In past years, using technology in an operation was an option. Today technology is a necessity that has endless opportunities that are growing at an industrial, commercial, and process level. Companies need to find new needs in order to create new opportunities. For example, improving remote connectivity in areas far from urban centers. Today it works, but it still has a long way to go which is an opportunity. 

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