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Ax Legal and Business advisory

Ax Legal is an international advisory firm that is helping foreign technology and services businesses to enter and operate in Latin America.

Ax Legal was started to help foreign technology and service companies to operate in Latin America in the most effective and cost efficient way possible.

Our story started after it became evident that many foreign companies with great products and services were struggling to enter the Latin American region. Even once they were established, many businesses were finding it difficult to operate to the same standard as they were used to in their home countries.

It became clear to the Ax Legal founding team that the business and legal cultures were difficult for foreigners to navigate and understand. The lack of local ¨know-how¨ meant that foreign companies were often left at a disadvantage from both a commercial and legal perspective.

To help companies reach their full potential, Ax Legal was established with a team of experienced lawyers and commercial experts. The idea was that with proper guidance from our team, companies would enter the region faster, more efficiently, and without making the same mistakes as companies before them. 

Our team has a long history of working with Australian, North American, and European companies. Over the years, we have worked with starts up, mid-size businesses, and publicly listed companies. The one common factor that connects are clients is that they are leaders in their field, providing innovative technologies and services to the industrial sectors.

Client-Focused Solutions
Know our Clients

We make it a point to learn as much as possible about our clients operations and future goals. This allows us to be fully aware of our clients specific legal and business challenges so that we can proactively seek ways to resolve them.

Practical Advice
Practical Advice

We are not just a law firm; we are entrepreneurs who have faced many of the same problems and challenges that our clients have. That is why we strive to provide practical, straightforward advice on how to solve legal and commercial issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Clients need access to professional advice but they also need to know that there will be no surprises at the end of the month when they receive the invoice. We work with fixed fees whenever possible and encourage clients to explore small retainer options with us. 

  • Our team has experience working with METS companies from Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, United States, Europe, and South Africa.
  • Our team has experience helping junior miners with incorporating their local entities, tax advice, due diligence reports, and on-going commercial support for their exploration programs.
  • Our team has worked with top tier technology and services companies  helping them to review and negoitate contracts with major mining companies in Chile, Peru, Brazil, and Argentina. 
Renewable Energy
  • Our team has experience helping a drilling company with commercial assistance introducing their technology to the Chilean market and incorporating their local entity.
  • Our team has experience helping a publicly listed Korean solar company merge the various companies and projects they purchased in Chile over the years.
  • Our team has experience helping an Indian multinational conglomerate with reviewing transmission tenders in Peru.
  • Our team has experience helping a Peruvian chemical company with due diligence, commercial contract review, and general advice for the construction of a new chemical plant in Chile worth USD$15 million.
  • Our team has experience helping an Australian publicly listed construction company with a USD$27 million offer of a Chilean maintenance and construction company.
  • Our team has experience helping an Australian Engineering with reviewing a construction contract in Argentina and identifying the most tax efficient structure for servicing the contract.
  • Our team has experience helping an Australian Engineering company with reviewing construction contracts in Chile, Colombia, and Guyana.
  • Our team has experience helping a California based technology company with their entry into Chilean and on-going labour matters.
  • Our team has experience helping an Australian based mining software company with their entry into Chile including incorporation, tax structuring, terms and conditions, etc.
  • Our team has experience helping a Canadian based software company with negotiating license agreements for their software in Chile, Brazil, and Argentina.
  • Our team has experience helping a Hong Kong based software company with preliminary tax and labour advice for their entry into multiple Latin American markets.
  • Our team has experience helping a sensor company with negotiating a multi-million-dollar contract with Codelco in Chile.
  • Our team has experience helping a IOT company with registering trademarks in all of the Latin American countries.
  • Our team has experience helping a fintech company with assessing Chilean banking laws in preparation for their market entry.
  • Our team has experience helping a Canadian mining technology company with their entry into Chile and on-going corporate and commercial legal matters.

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