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Foreign companies entering and operating in Latin America need practical advice and guidance to ensure they get it right. Our team has an extensive track record of helping companies with their commercial and corporate needs. From drafting distribution agreements for your partners to reviewing complex contracts and tenders from the regions largest mining companies.

  • Assistance with reviewing tender documents from public and private entities.
  • Reviewing contracts from suppliers and clients.
  • Drafting and review of Distribution Agreements.
  • Drafting and review of Agent Agreements.
  • Drafting and advising on Shareholders’ Agreements.
  • Incorporating entities across Latin America.
  • Structuring corporate entities across Latin America.
  • Advice on corporate governance issues.
  • Options and purchase agreements for mining tenements.
  • Our team has over 10 years experience helping foreign companies with their incorporations in various Latin American countries that includes preliminary advice, structuring, taxation, corporate and labour advice.
  • Our team has experience helping companies prepare their subsidiary companies in Chile which include matters such as setting up a data rooms, reviewing their purchase agreements, and assisting the key managers with their transition into the new company.
  • Our team has experience in assisting companies to put in place securities agreement for their global operations.
  • Our team has vast experience in reviewing and negotiating important commercial contracts with the main mining companies in Chile, managing to incorporate clauses that limit the liability and risk of our clients interest.

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