Companies operating in Latin America need to be aware of different tax considerations that could effect their businesses. Our tax team will help you understand the local tax laws and provides practical guidance on cross-border tax matters. 

Our tax team provides practical advice on a range of issues across the Latin American Region. We look for ways to be creative without putting our clients at risk. 

  • We advise on free trade agreements between Latin America and other countries.
  • We advise on double taxation Agreements between Latin America and other countries.
  • We can advise companies on how to use tax free zones for their goods.
  • We advise companies on the most tax efficient ways to repatriate funds.
  • We advise clients on how to best structure their Latin American operations. 
  • We advise clients on transfer pricing agreements and guidelines between related parties.
  • We advise on corporate and personal Taxation for businesses and natural persons.
  • We advise clients on withholding taxation between Latin American countries and the rest of the world.
  • We advise clients on Indirect taxes (VAT)
  • Analysis of corporate and tax structure between related parties. 
  • Our team has experience advising Australian technology companies with tax efficient planning to repatriate funds from Chile to Australia.
  • Our team has experience helping multinational companies implement a tax structuring plan which require various inter-company agreements to take advantage of double taxation agreements.
  • Our team has experience advising multinational mining equipment companies on the Chilean tax reform to help them understand the changes to their business.
  • Our team has experience advising Australian Canadian and American companies on how to structure their operations with Chile, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, that lead to significant savings.
  • Our team has over 10 years experience advising on double taxation agreements between Australia, United States, UK, Canada, Chile, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Colombia and Mexico.

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