Cody Mcfarlane

M: +56 9 8553 2427
Napoleon 3010, Office 501, Los Condes Santiago, Chile

Cody Mcfarlane

General Manager – Latin America


Cody McFarlane, Partner, Business Advisory, 10 years’ experience working with foreign companies in Latin America. As Partner, Cody is responsible for all of the financial and commercial aspects of operating the firm, in addition to providing advisory services.

Cody works with Senior Management teams helping them to navigate the commercial and legal aspects of growing their business in Latin America. Cody has extensive knowledge working with technology, engineering, and service companies that are offering interesting solutions to the mining, energy, oil & gas, and infrastructure sectors.

Originally from Canada, Cody first moved to Mexico City and then finally to Chile where he has resided since. Over the years, Cody has worked with hundreds of companies of all different sizes on everything from sourcing in-country partners, identifying acquisition targets, recruiting senior management teams, and providing commercial guidance.

  • Assisted an Australian publicly listed company identify acquisition targets that led to a USD$27 million-dollar offer.
  • Assisted a drilling company introduce their geothermal drilling technology to the Chilean market.
  • Assisted clients from various industries with their expansions into Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil, Panama and Mexico.
  • Worked with renewable generation companies developing research reports and helping connect them with possible power purchasers.
  • Worked with the management teams of international engineering firms helping them quantify potential projects in the Latin American region.
  • Worked with international trade organizations (UK Trade, Canadian Embassy, etc.) to identify opportunities in several key sectors such as mining, energy and infrastructure.
  • University of Lethbridge (CA) – Bachelor of Management/Finance.
  • Grant Macewan University (Edmonton, CA) – Diploma in Business Management/Marketing.

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