Non-Disclosure Agreements – A Tool for Protecting Intellectual Property

Most business executives will agree that confidentiality agreements are a necessary tool to protect their intellectual property. What often is missed is whether they are being used properly. This starts with ensuring that each employee understand why we use them, when to use them, and how they should be used.

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METS Practical Advice: Managing Intellectual Property in Contracts

We often find that when mining technology and services companies are reviewing a mining services contract, IP is merely a secondary consideration even though it should be an essential part of the contract. It is critcal for METS companies who are entering into contracts to understand how to protect their intellectual property.

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Managing Intellectual Property in Distribution Relationships

One part of a distribution agreement that is often overlooked is how confidential information and intellectual property are managed throughout the relationship. A well drafted distribution agreement will ensure that the intellectual property is properly managed as to not put the company’s biggest asset at risk. 

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Protecting your Intellectual Property when entering into a Contract with a Mining Company

METS companies are investing large amounts of capital into new technologies so protecting these investments is critical. Intellectual property often takes a back seat to the commercial terms even though it should be an essential part of the contract review process.  

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