METS Advice – Using Subcontractors in Peru

Mining suppliers use subcontractors for a variety of reasons in Peru. For instance, installations of sensors or equipment at a mine site, maintenance and on-going support, or other technical equipment/services that are needed to support the main contractor. However, companies can find themselves in trouble if they do not understand the intricacies of how subcontracting laws work from both a legal and practical perspective.

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Chilean Mining Workforce Trends untill 2032

A study was recently released that evaluates trends in the Chilean mining industry workforce between 2023 and 2032. The goal of the study is to support public policy and the industry to identify gaps in human talent, training, technological impact, and gender equity. The study reviews trends from past years and has important projections for the next 10 years.

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Chile Labour Law – Registering Employment Agreements

One of the more common risk for companies operating in Chile is related to employment laws and obligations. A recent change from the last couple years is the requirement for companies to register all employment related agreements with the Labor office. This has added an extra administration burden that some companies may not be following.

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Peru Practical Advice – Employee Profit Sharing

The potential of the Peruvian mining industry is attracting many foreign companies to the market who are looking to provide equipment, technology, and services.  It also means that companies need to adapt to new labor laws which are quite generous to workers in comparison to North America or Australia. One of the specific areas that companies need to consider when doing business in Peru is is how employee profit sharing works.

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Labour Contracts in Brazil

In part three of our Brazil series, we cover practical information that companies need to know when hiring staff in Brazil. While many of the labor laws are similar to other parts of the world, there is some key details that will help companies understand how things work in Brazil. 

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